Paper Repository on the NSA Revelations – Add Yours in the Comments [UPDATE]

Recently, I’ve been circulating a reading list of papers and reports on the NSA revelations on a couple of mailing lists. The writings take a step back from the nitty gritty details, and focus on the more fundamental issues that technical, legal and political responses need to address. People have been asking me to blog about it, so here’s a stub, and I encourage you all to add your suggestions in the comments. [UPDATE 25.02.14: added extra sources on securitization]

Obviously, this is only the beginning and I don’t want to flood you all with dozens of papers right away. I’ve tried to take a step back from specific programs and offer different angles to the problem, and to be not too US centric. Check out these materials, above all check their references.

Several organizations and blogs are keeping track of the original documents, linked here. The first two reports are somewhat obligatory as a starting point. It gets more interesting from the third suggestion onwards.

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