Privacy & Security Policy

I’ll do my best to protect your privacy and security while surfing around; if that’s even possible in the post-Snowden world. Nonetheless, I’m going to try to preserve the anonymity of reading.

Obviously, this will be a continuous effort. Some of the measures I’ve taken so far:

  • I’ve removed a lot of tracking debris baked into wordpress installs, plugins and widgets.
  • No cookies asked. Ghostery gives a fine score of 0 tracking across the site.
  • You’ll be fine browsing my site with NoScript and with Javascript disabled in your browser.
  • Added HTTPS across the site, and put all the content behind TLS. Big shout out to Rejo Zenger and Imre Jonk for helping me out to solidly host this website.

My privacy policy is simple:  I don’t even want to have a clue who has visited my site. Whenever you comment on a blogpost, you won’t have to provide additional personal data, and you’re free to use a pseudonym. That said, I get your IP address whenever you comment on a post. I’d be really curious to hear your thoughts on possible work-arounds. Is there a wordpress plug in that takes care of it? Maybe I could automatically let delete personal data server-side?

Drop me a line if you have feedback, greatly appreciated!

Especially if new WordPress (etc.) versions seem to pollute this place with uncalled-for cookies, trackers and the lot.

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